About our stoves and the design process

It’s always a difficult process to design something new. The Burnwise design had to be functional and eye-catching while still reaching the most efficient woodgas extraction. The creator of the Burnwise, Bertus Fridael, has spent a lot of days and nights outside staring at the flames testing different prototypes. Materials like ceramic and glass were tested as well and while very pretty to look at they were not the most durable. For our standard model we chose to make the Burnwise out of stainless steel 304 sheets. This way you only have to buy the Burnwise once in a lifetime without worrying it will break. Simple but effective. The final product is something we are very proud of and you can depend on!

woodgass as an organic fuel

Woodgas is a gas (sometimes called syngas or biogas) that is extracted from wood by heating. This gas can be used as a fuel for engines or burners. Because of its design this woodgas stove will burn the wood very efficiently, up to 95% of the wood’s energy will be transformed into heat and gas for cooking. Which means no smoke and hardly any ash that is left after fully burning. Also you need far less wood than cooking on an ordinary wood fire.

Wood as a fuel is considered as CO2 neutral. This means that wood absorbs as much CO2 during its lifetime as it will release when it dies, whether this be by burning or composting. Woodgas is therefore considered as environmentally friendly.

garden for fuel and fuel for garden

This woodgas stove can make fire out of dry natural material which can be found everywhere around you. This way your garden can be designed in such a way that it will become a supplier of fuel for your woodgas stove. You can decide, cooking for free or not!? You can be independent from any infrastructure whatsoever, as there are no gas-bottles, electricity, coal or other fossil fuels involved. Also, the remaining ash that is left over from burning you can give back to your garden as a fertilizer.